MINUTES - Meeting 2 August 2014

Great attendance, lots covered and debated. Thanks everyone. If something in the minutes does not match your understanding of what was agreed, please let Jennifer know asap so we can amend the minutes if appropriate.

THANKS CALVIN – for your awesome contribution as roster/webmaster/bankers/bill-payer.

NEW BANKER/BILLPAYER - will be Paul Rhind with back up by Miranda and/or Jennifer.

MATTHEW ACTION POINT – transfer funds from the Kids Art account into central account before 5 August. Colleen and Matthew to link with Paul to get him onto the account as signatory this week. 

ROSTERING POLICY – Ken (for Alice) will email reminders for shifts and post the roster in the Red Shed. POLICY: If YOU CANNOT MAKE IT TO YOUR SHIFT, YOU MUST arrange for a replacement (not Ken). Send out an email and ask for help yourself, please.

MEETING COORDINATOR – Jeanette will coordinate routine (monthly) meetings for membership and send out a reminder. 

MEETING Rostered Items – will routinely include: Publicity and Events as subjects to be addressed at each meeting.

FACEBOOK – Jennifer will liaise with Peter Rees about photographing Red Shed art and posting it to the FB page (and website?)  EVERYBODY should consider posting to the Facebook page about what they have on display, what they see or like at the Red Shed and what they will be doing on their shift. 

MARKETPLACE What’s On – Ridley offered to talk to Marketplace about keep the Red Shed profile updated in the What’s On section.

LABOUR WEEKEND EVENT – Colin Beardon has offered to coordinate a Red Shed event for Labour Weekend. Details will follow.


Artist’s walls resume from 2 August. 

Fee is $20 per month with 20% commission for volunteers or 33% for non-volunteers.

(Post meeting a second arrangement was agreed that artists who want to exhibit in the shop only, limited space available, will pay an annual membership of $25)

Paul will assign wall space at random on Monday. Artists should hang/arrange their work for next weekend. Make labels per the following guidelines:

SIGNAGE/LABELLING POLICY (for a clean professional appearance)– EVERYONE: Use the small labels and the special black pen provided and neatly label your work. All labels on your wall should be placed consistently (ie, to the bottom left or right of the artwork). Do NOT cross out things on the label or use coloured pen. 

Paul and Miranda are the vetting committee and will contact new/potential exhibitors and artists. Refer enquiries to them, please.

Jeanette has agreed to make consistent Name plaques for each person’s art wall.

Minutes of meeting at the Red Shed
Date: Sunday Feb 9th, 1pm.
Present: Sid, Jeanette, Ridley, Jaqueline, Colleen, Dawn, Colin, Fifi, Paul,
Matthew, Calvin, Rosemary, Maree, Carolin, Miranda
* Refocus on what the Red Shed is about
* Presentation and standards
* New Members selection process
* Basic Artist kits
* Website
* Bringing in customers
* General business
* What is the Red Shed about?
Paul: The RedShed was set up as a venue for artists to display their work
and gain confidence. Originally it held exhibitions, both group and
individual, and some artists paid for permanent wall space. Due to
financial difficulties we introduced the idea of having 20 artist pay $20
a month for wall space, and reducing the commission.
In the past the Red Shed used to do a lot of kids art education and made
quite a bit of money from it.
Colin mentioned that Grants are available from Creative Communities for
Project based activities. Each project would need to submitted as an
individual's Project rather an as the Red Shed Organisation.
The shop area has always been controversial.

Discussion ensued. Summarised roughly…
Having exhibitions is a good way to bring people in - it allows for news
articles and advertising that is more likely to entice people, and opening
night with wine encourage people to come.
We have a bit more money in the bank now.
The shop area is still controversial

* That we pay our wall fees to March 1st then have a collective exhibition.
Motion by Colleen, seconded by ??
Membership will be $25 p.a..
Exhibition will be hung by Matthew and Calvin on Sunday 23rd Feb. Please
submit something new for this.

* We will revisit the issue of the shop area after the exhibition.

* New Members
At present we have no system for accepting them or otherwise and Calvin
suggests a small panel of selectors
Motion by Paul, seconded Jeanette
We formalise a small panel to accept new members
We decided on a panel of four with a quorum of three.
The panel consists of Miranda, Paul, Matthew, Calvin

* Website
Calvin will update it and reminds us that the roster is on there

* Basic artist kits
Matthew has been approached a couple of times by people wanting to buy
basic art materials and suggests we offer a package with some paints,
cheap canvas, pencils and paper. He will organise some and we will trial

* Getting more customers through the door.
Colleen and Miranda will ask various places if they will display our
cards. Miranda to try art galleries and library, Colleen will try B&Bs and

* General Business
Ridley suggests we have a large "Open", sign on the front door when we
need to close the door on windy days.

* The "Junk" room is looking fairly empty and very junky. Please bring down
some nice junk to refresh it.

* The padlock from the gate has disappeared. Colleen will organise a new one

Meeting closed around 3pm.
New Development:
Alices Hats in the Shop Space

On hearing that we are putting up a new exhibition Alice is excited about
the idea of removing her hats and replacing them with a painting, so we no
longer have to address the controversy about whether the hats are
appropriate for the Red Shed.


Minutes of meeting at the Red Shed

Date: 8 Dec 2013

Location: Palm Beach

Present: Matthew, Paul, Colleen, Miranda, Ridley, Alice and Ken

New members 

Alice, is trialing her hats. She will have some in the shop room, and probably store some more out the back. If people seem interested in them, please offer the ones out the back for their perusal. She is happy to do a shift (or her partner Ken will as her english is hesitant) but can't do Saturdays.

Ridley does paintings. He is surprised we only open weekends and thinks (rightly) that this is not enough. He is happy to open the Red Shed from 11 until 3 on Fridays as well as doing a Shift during the month.

We think our 3 monthly wall space subs are due, if so could Calvin send out his standard reminder letter?

Paul wants to offer storage space to Darren, who is a circus performer. He apparently has 40-50 kids every Friday evening.  Agreed.

A friend of Josh's approached Miranda mid November wanting to know if he could use a whole room  March or April for an exhibition of skateboards. Unfortunately Miranda has lost his email address and he didn't make it to the meeting. He would pay for the use of the space and it would apparently bring many skateboarders through. However, we need more information.  Josh, could you follow this up and get him to come to the next meeting?

Paul had an enquiry from a young person wanting a street art workshop. Matthew is interested and Paul will help.

The Redshed has been closed too often on weekends lately. Please remember that if you don't do your shift we all miss the opportunity to sell our work. It isn't fair on everyone else.

Minutes of meeting at the Red Shed

Date: 6 Oct 2013

Location: Palm Beach

Present: Mary, Miranda, Calvin, Matthew, Jennifer, Paul

Apologies: Colleen, Jacqueline.

Time to refresh – Spring Clean for the Spring Season – It was agreed we need to bring a fresh feel to the Red Shed especially for the coming season. Therefore, ALL WORK is to be taken down. Artists are vigorously encouraged to bring in fresh art work for a major rehanging for Labour Day Weekend. Different ways of reallocating wall space for a fresh look were discussed. The group opted for a curated treatment but still have individual artist’s walls. Paul and Jennifer offered to curate and will hang everyone’s work for them in new wall allocations and arrange for a formal opening event on Saturday 4pm 26 October.

Two new artists will be joining for Labour Day: Jennifer Fountain and Wendy Gordon (we think).


WED 23 October Artists Remove old art and deliver new works. PLEASE complete the appropriate Red Shed label (for consistent and professional presentation) for each work and be sure to sign works into the Artist’s IN book at the counter (so that if we ever lose the price tag we can look up the work).

THUR, FRI 24, 25 Paul and Jennifer will hang new display walls for SPRING EXHIBITION.

SAT 4pm 26 October Opening event. This will be publicized so please come along and celebrate. Bring a plate!

Fee/wall structure: Options were discussed at length It was decided that the fee for an “artist’s wall” will remain $20 per month. An artist’s wall consists of a fixed width, floor to ceiling, and a maximum of one plinth, portfolio or sculptural display. Extensions or additions to the standard size are not automatic and subject to curatorial approval. This is to ensure that others to do unfairly encroach on the space paid for by someone else or to disadvantage any one.

It was generally agreed that “less in more” especially in the shop. Clutter does not enhance the selling power of art and it is advisable to think carefully and creatively about displaying work to its best advantage. Surplus items can be stored in the office (within limits) or replenished when things sell.

Every three months wall spaces will be randomly assigned to members. This is to refresh the gallery and give members equal opportunity to display in the 'best spots'. Jennifer and Paul will kick off the process with our upcoming Spring Exhibition.

2014 Art Map: It was agreed that the Red Shed will advertise in the next addition of the Waiheke Island Art Map to help attract custom to the Red Shed.

Roster: The Red Shed is open from 10 to 4pm on weekends and holiday Mondays. Shifts are either from 10 to 1 or 1 to 4pm. If you cannot make your shift, please arrange for someone to fill in for you. Miranda has advised she can work additional shifts however she prefers to do a full weekend of shifts rather than have them spread around. Calvin will continue to send out the reminder about shifts every Tuesday.

Kidz Art Programs: In the absence of outside funding the minimum payment for teachers is $40 per class of up to 6 students. 6 to 10 students may earn an additional $20 for the teacher. The course coordinator fixes the budget for supplies and purchases must be approved by the coordinator (recommended cost of supplies $10 per class or less). Jennifer has offered to coordinate summer Kidz Art programs and will investigate how to do this at the Red Shed and perhaps other venues. She will connect with Paul and Matthew about programs for teens as well.

Other matters: The Red Shed may opt to host a visiting artist or special guest on occasion. A few works by a special guest may be displayed for a short term in any gap space that might occur. This will be at the discretion of the curators or the group meeting held monthly.

Annual General Meeting is due. Suggest we hold it after the opening at about 5 on 26 October.

Present: Miranda, Maree, Sid, Colleen, Matthew, Calvin.

Feedback on KIDZART:

Learnt that traditional classes are mosre popular in the winter months; clay, pottery. Will limit kid numbers per tutor to less than 6 to make it manageable. Colleen, Miranda and Calvin are keen to run the next Holiday programme eta End of Sept/October . 

Degraded locks on doors fixed - Thanks Paulie!

General discussion. 

Next meeting Saturday 7th September.

Present: Sid, Calvin, Matthew, Miranda, Maree, Paul.

Projects and Workshops:
KIDZART will be run by Miranda (Playing with clay), Colleen (Plaster and Clay), Sid (Cartooning) and Calvin (Poetry and Film Making). Limit numbers to 10 kids per class to make it a quality class.

Application made to Local Community Board for KIDZART was declined.

Matthew showed a new map for reorganising the outside sculpture space.

Next Meeting Saturday 3rd August.

Present: Calvin, Matthew, Sid, Anne, Miranda.

Projects and Workshops

Calvin received $1,000 grant from New Hope Shop to do a “winter open artist studio” for adults. He will run a FREE print block course one afternoon a week for 8 weeks on Thursdays from 12 to 2. It will start after the school holidays.

Calvin, Sid and Miranda to run kids programme in the next school holidays, in July. One more voluteer is needed to help. Payment for running the courses is $40 a day, for two-hour progamme plus preparation time.

Would be great to have a couple more plinths in the Shed for work to sit on. There is some ply at the Shed that Paul may be able to use for this project.

Sculpture show
Paul Riddle owns a section in Oneroa near the old bowling club which he is happy to be used for a sculpture show. Anything goes, as long as its not permanent.

Red Shed on Tour
Red Shed used to be on route of tourist operators but unfortunately Red Shed volunteers were unreliable and the Shed was closed too often when the tour bus arrived. However, now that we have a better roster system and it is easier to find replacements this might be something we want to think about doing again.

Business Cards

Calvin is going to organize Red Shed business cards.

Non-Waiheke members

Anne is moving to Christchurch but would still like to be a member of the Red Shed. Suggestion that she have smaller wall space and pay a 33% contribution like craft members. Miranda volunteered to look after Anne’s wall space and put up new work, which was incredibly kind of her!

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, 6 July, 4pm

Present: Calvin, Matthew, Maree, Bea, Jacque, Colleen, Anne, Jennifer, Paul

Red Shed Governance

Discussion arose out of the current legal status of the Red Shed. With some outstanding issues needing address so that we can go forward with as simple a set up as needed.

ACTION: We will further investigate what options are available so that we can go forward without any outstanding issues left unaddressed.

2013 AGM

We will confirm Red Shed roles at our AGM, which will be 7 September. Lyndal has expressed that she no longer wishes to be chair.

ACTION: At the meeting we agreed that the current loose arrangement of key people doing specific tasks as needed is working well for now until our AGM.

EFTPOS Receipts

It would be good if we could keep the eftpos receipts when we make a sale, so that it is easier for whoever is doing the books.

ACTION: PAUL to make a receipt spike. In the meanwhile please keep the second eftpos receipt and put it in the cashbox.

Art and Treasure Sale
We made about $500 over that weekend. It was decided that we keep the sale going as a temporary fundraiser in the Kidz Artspace until we begin renovations. To be called the Junk Shed and promoted separately from the Gallery.

ACTION: WORKING BEE weekend of 25 and 26 May to reconfigure the Junk Shed in time for Queen’s birthday weekend.

Red Shed Rooms

Reconfigured craft room is working well with rented wall space in there as well as craft wall. Good to keep everything white to keep gallery looking professional.

ACTION: PAUL to extend shelving so we have a whole CRAFT WALL.

Projects and Workshops

Calvin keen to get funding to run projects and workshops. This will mean rental can be paid to Red Shed and those running Projects/Workshops can be properly paid for their work. Other members also encouraged to do projects/workhops. All agreed it’s good to have people using Red Shed.

ACTION: CALVIN to put in funding applications for children’s holiday programmes so tutors can be paid. Need two tutors for each programme. Let Calvin know of any workshops or projects that you would like to run and he'll seek funding on your behalf.

Wall Space Fees

Please pay your fees. Ideally 3 months ($60) when the three monthly roster is sent out.
If people don’t pay their wall fees the fees will be deducted from any sales revenue they make.

ACTION: Calvin will send out an invoice with the next three month Roster (June, July, August).

Community Notice Board

ACTION: Paul (yet again!) to change kitchen room door into a community notice board.

BYO Bags

Jennifer to give Red Shed some BYO bags to sell in craft space.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend

200 people are expected through the gallery. Please come and join us throughout the weekend so that attendees can meet and talk about their work.

ACTION: Calvin will organise some nibbles and drinks for the middle of the main gallery.

Payments to artists

Calvin to help Colleen with monthly payments to artists, so we have two people who know how to do it. Suggestion that if the job gets too big artists can make up their own invoices each month (when they do their shift?) for payment.


WORKING BEE: weekend of 25/26 May.

QUEENS BIRTHDAY WEEKEND: Sat 1st, Sun 2nd and Mon 3rd June.
OUR NEXT MEETING: Saturday, 8 June, 4pm (due to Queens Birthday Weekend)
AGM: Saturday 7
th September 2013.

Present: Calvin, Matthew, Maree, Mary, Jacque, Colleen, Bea, Anne

Red Shed Workshops
- would be good income maker if we could run holiday workshops for children. Fees need to cover materials, payment to those running workshop and contribution to Red Shed

- Mary to contact Kirsten Simmons and see if she is interested in running children’s workshops

- Calvin, Matthew and Colleen to also look at running programme of workshops, particularly if Kirsten not interested.

- Goal is to have a programme up and running for the next school holidays. Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs 10am to 12. 22-24 of April (25th Anzac Day) and 29 April-2 May

- ideas include blockmaking (Calvin), screen printing, figure drawing, drawing cartoons (Matthew) and pottery (Colleen)

- longer term idea is to get community funding to help with cost of workshops. Calvin to look into doing grant applications.

Art and Treasure Sale
- this is to be 20-21 April, Saturday and Sunday, from 10am-4pm

- Red Shed members to donate items that can be sold. Please ask friends, family and neighbours for items but we don’t want junk! Items to be priced and dropped off by Red Shed members into the back workshop area.

- Also in the sale will be any unclaimed artworks and items lying around Red Shed. So if you have any items you want to pick up, do so before 20 April
- Calvin to do poster for the Art and Treasure sale and email out to members. Members please put up posters in your hood!

- Commission on art sold at Red Shed to increase to 20% from 13 April. This is to ensure we make enough to cover our costs.

Work Sold
- Please if you are working and sell a painting or sculpture, can you let the member know by email, text or phone so they can come along and replace

Red Shed Rooms
- we are looking for ideas at the next meeting to improve the craft room
- also want people to consider the possibility of using one of the other rooms for rotating exhibitions, solo shows, etc.

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, 4 May, 4pm

Hi All

hope all is well in your world's - please find attached minutes from our little get together on Saturday 9th.

Attended - Matthew,Syd,Miranda,Paulie,Calvin,Peter, Melisa,Colleen,Colin,Maree,Winnie.

Items discussed.

1.Matthew to bring in New CD player

2. Paulie to attend to front door - still sticking

3.Website up and running - magic job Calvin . Now to promote - will get cards printed with web site details , drive to promote through all personal media as well as community notice brds etc.

4. Wedsite details and opening hrs to be displayed on front door signage ( paulie to organise).

5. Miranda will post notices for art classes and workshop venue.

6.Colin - has set design and build w/shop in april - promote as teenager workshop , will advise on time and dates.

7. All unanimous to Members exhibition in Easter - opening event Saturday 30th March 4pm - as usual.Gallery will bel open from 2 pm Friday 29th.

This was in response to having a live presence at the shed and a chance to network and discuss issues etc.

8.Move to meet once a month to engage in above.

9. Peter suggested an auction event at some stage to raise profile once more.

10. Matthew has tentative drawing and pricing on Additional studio spaces - with full support from Palm Beach Progressive Society.

If you have any more comment please don't hesitate to forward on.

We are just breaking even as usual but there is a lot of potential still to come

And Help can any one cover my shift this sat afternoon will be in deep water filmingt sharks

Cheers for now

Your comrade in Arts


“Dear Red Shedder,

After an exciting AGM at the Red Shed yesterday the quorum has voted in a new operating system for the Red Shed gallery and shop.

The new system is designed to be fairer for all and offers wonderful opportunites for artists and craftspeople on Waiheke Island.

From 1 December 2012 the Red Shed gallery will be divided into 20 individual wall areas of approx 1.5m wide by 2.4 m high.

These spaces will be available for Red Shed members to hang with their own individual display of their latest artworks.

Each wall space will be contracted to the artist for a 3 month period at a cost of $5 per week.
The gallery commission will be reduced to 10% to offset this cost which is designated to only cover the gallery rent and power.

Each artists name will be displayed in large text at the top of their wall and will be a great way for the pubic to recognise your name, your art style and collect your work.

At the end of each three month period the gallery will be hung with artists putting up fresh work in a new spot so the 'best' gallery positions are rotated.

Each artist is asked to commit to one gallery minding spot a month preferably on the same day each month i.e the morning shift of the first Saturday of the month or the last Sunday
in the afternoon etc.

Upon signing your contract you will be asked to nominate your gallery minding slot and you will recieve a three month roster from our gallery coordinator Maree O'Sullivan along
with an artist contact list. If you are unable to do your shift it is your responsibility to find a replacement from the list. The list is only to be used for this purpose.

If your a crafter we have another option for you.

The Red Shed shop will become a dedicated local craft shop, all local crafters are invited to submit works for the shop which will be coordinated by Maggie Wikaira.
Commission in the Red Shed shop will be 25% and crafters can choose to do a gallery shift or not - the more people who offer to do shifts the more days we can open the gallery over summer and the more we can sell.

Another exciting addition the the Red Shed Collective is the Coffee Caravan run by Brendan Moon the coffee cart will be outside the Red Shed weekends and sunny summer days and will
serve fruit smoothies, icecreams, slices of watermelon and healthy fare. Brendan is an artist too and can cover the gallery sometimes as well : )

Other exciting ventures incluse a new web sales presence which our new committee member Calvin Hona is developing, a big new renovation for the workshop and studio areas we are
applying for funding for and plans to take the Red Shed to the Depot Artspace in Devonport for an artist exchange. We are engaging a new Kids Art Coordinator to develop our
programmes for older children as well as the littlies. And again we will promote your work through taking an ad in the Waiheke Art Map.

The new committee is

Chairperson - Lyndal Jefferies
Secretary - Miranda Hodson
Coordinator - Maree O'Sullivan
Marketing - Calvin Hona
Building maintenance-Paul Rhind
Media - Matthew Muir
Shop Coordinator Maggie Wikaira
* We are in need of a treasurer to make the monthly artist payments and can offer a free gallery spot ( no weekly payment) to an artist who puts their name forward.

We would like to thank Bea Lorimer for her contribution to the committee over the past few years 

: )

Thats all for now please feel free to contact us if you have any queries re the new system.

The first twenty gallery places will be alloted on a first come first served basis. Please email Maree O'Sullivan with your expression of interest asap. A payment in advance of $20 will confirm your place with all gallery payments due on the 1st of the month. If you have recently paid your
membership of $25 you will recieve your first month free.

The artists walls will begin in December just in time for Xmas. This month (November) we invite all interested artists to preview their works in a group show in the side gallery.
Please drop a work down to the gallery this week to be included.

Red Shed Trustee Paul Rhind will be having a solo exhibition in the main gallery. Every exhibiting artist from here on in is required to do a shift there is no option of exhibiting and not doing your share. So please sign up for a November slot when your drop your work down this week.”

Long live the Red Shed!

Lyndal and the Red Shed Committee : )

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