The Red Shed Artists 
in their own words

Paul Rhind

   wood sculpture

   multi media

Born Blenheim New Zealand 1965

Travelled extensively in europe for 9 years

Attained certificate in furniture making and Bachelor of Design ( sculpture) on return to New Zealand. Exhibited extensively on Waiheke Island including Sculpture on the Gulf, design make awards.
Multi- disciplined artist working predominantly in wood and oil on paper engaging in
social, political and enviromental issues.

Ridley Richardson

I am self-taught and have painted on and off throughout the years, only now seriously getting back into painting.

I did know a lady Called Moira Martin who was a member of the London Royal Society of Arts. Not that it made me any good, but she did encourage me into painting.

I have an open mind and love all forms of art, sculpture, carving, pottery, etc. 

Personally I like impressionist art, abstract, and Surrealism and having a vivid imagination I tend to lean towards surrealism and impressionism. 
I don't copy anything and will paint sometimes from the mind part of a dream, something I remember from the past, or anything that interests me.

I am moved by nature and colors and do the odd seascape as I find the sea fascinates me. I am an environmentalist and don't like what I have seen throughout the years, with regards to mans constant destruction, pollution, and total disregard for nature. 

I am retired now and am pleased to be involved with the Red Shed .

Colin Beardon
  Pen & ink
  Theatre design

I have been drawing and painting for a long time, but each occasion is new. 

Waiheke is a great place to live and invites a creative response to both the landscape and the community. Having explored the landscape for some time, I am currently interested in representing people in their landscape.

Working in the theatre is interesting because the work has a practical as well an as aesthetic purpose. It is about helping to tell a story, and I want to explore how this might affect my painting and drawing.

Jacqueline Riley 


"Was a commercial ceramicist for 30 years, distributed around New Zealand by two wholesalers.

Retired now and enjoying being involved in the Red Shed.

Enjoy making little Waiheke cottages and Waiheke witches andwizards for the children."

Miranda Hawthorn
   oil painting

"I am largely self taught, and in the past have done fabric art,(batik, printing, painting), soft stone sculpture, photography, made a living for a while as a potter, and painted jigsaw puzzles.

The last few years however my focus has been painting and I am enjoying working in oils. Most of my recent paintings are sea birds. Probably something to do with living on an island."

Linda Young

"After spending 23 years of her adult life living and working in Europe and USA, Linda left the corporate world to return home to New Zealand in October 2006. She is now living on Waiheke Island and focusing on exploring her passion for photography.

"I appreciate that every individual has a different view of the world and I enjoy sharing my own view through the lens, offering my perspective of reality. My style of photography is simple, contemporary and artistic, capturing the passion, intensity and intrinsic beauty of everyday life. I pride myself on using the camera as the most effective creative tool, with only basic image enhancement carried out on the computer. 

Together with my enthusiasm and zest for life, I am influenced by the surprise of the whole and the varied parts that comprise the whole".

Alistair Watson
   abstract acrylic painting 

"Self taught however my mother was an artist and her paintings were always around. 

Started about six years ago with oils and painting scenes I saw around me however I have now moved to abstract and acrylic with a fair bit of texture thrown in and moved away from traditional surfaces and paint brushes to doors, large pieces of wood with gloved hands, window wipers and knives whatever I think will create the right effect.

Moving away from the exacting nature of painting scenery to a medium which encourages freedom of painting strokes and complete submersion has been the key.

Right now I am looking for the next stage and time wise struggling to find it."